As a successful buyer’s agent and founder of Australian Property Investment Solutions, I work exclusively with investors to help them build wealth through strategic and informed investment property purchases. I launched my business API Solutions in 2010, and have since worked with many clients to source and secure the right investment properties for their needs. 

Today, I have developed courses to teach investors and my peers – other property professionals – to become buyer’s agents. You can check out my range of courses at juliecrockett.com.au and buyersagentcourses.com.au.


Prior to my career in real estate, I was a teacher. Upon realising this profession would not provide me with enough superannuation to retire comfortably, I moved into property investing. 

Today, I bring my well honed property and coaching experience to empower my clients, many of whom are women, to feel confident about becoming financially independent and making wealth creation decisions. 

It’s my privilege to advocate for my clients as they navigate property investment, to help them build their wealth and work towards a secure retirement. Together we sit down, strategise and work out what their ideal investment portfolio looks like, I then go out and match properties to the person, firmly placing them on their individual path to success.


As a teacher I worked with children with special needs. Through that experience, I became skilled at identifying issues and finding solutions. I have always loved taking on a challenge and pushing forward to get someone over a hurdle, a quality I now bring to my profession as a buyer’s agent. Procrastination and analysis paralysis are common hurdles my clients need help to overcome. Everyone needs a trusted guide on their property investment journey.


My first property purchase, like most, was my family home in Menai, in Sydney, in the 1970s. My real property investment journey, however, started in 2002 after realising that I needed to become smart with money and find alternative ways, beyond my salary, to build wealth for retirement. My second investment property was purchased in 2005 and from there I continued to grow my portfolio, spotting emerging opportunities across Australia. 

From Karratha to Newcastle, to south-east Queensland and Adelaide my expertise in finding cash flow positive homes with equity growth potential grew. My mortgage broker, who has been a long time expert on my team, once commented that I was the only woman he knew that was actively investing in property year on year.


In early 2010 I obtained my real estate license so that I could support others with their property purchases. Initially, I was one of only a handful of buyer’s agents operating in Sydney. My clients, often industry professionals themselves, trusted my expertise as a buyer and sought my advice in finding suitable properties to purchase. 

To complement my buyer’s agent services, I have designed training courses; the Millionaire Investor Program, to help aspiring property investors learn the fundamentals of buying property and then join our active and engaged investor community, and; Buyers Agent Courses for other industry professionals who want to learn how to become a Buyer’s Agent and work with investors. 

To create the course I drew on both my investment experience and my teaching skills to deliver quality coaching. My students now leverage my experience and skills to establish successful careers as property investors and buyer’s agents and fast forward their success in an emerging industry.


My role is to help clients understand what they want to achieve financially, and then source and secure suitable properties. When searching for properties, we identify regions with strong capital growth, drawing on data analysis and on-the-ground research. We then set a high bar to find exactly the right property, ruling out risky propositions early and focusing on homes with the potential to add value. Drawing on my coaching and advice, my clients can make better property decisions in an uncertain market and move forward decisively with their property purchase. 


If you are looking to establish a career as a professional buyer’s agent with quality training and coaching, please get in touch. 

What’s my WHY?

In the real estate industry, Buyer’s Agents play a crucial role in assisting clients looking to purchase investment properties.

Most real estate sales agents are not skilled to handle the responsibilities of a Buyer’s Agent, as their training and experience focus primarily on representing sellers.

That’s why I’m offering a dedicated course, the ‘Buyers Agent Course‘ for existing real estate sales agents.

The program is designed to upskill these agents as Buyer’s Agents, providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills and live coaching support to serve their investor clients.

The objective is to enable them to fully comprehend the unique requirements and goals of their investor buyers, provide tailored solutions that meet their buyer’s needs and have all the resources they need to source quality investment properties and make the entire client journey a smooth and successful one.

By upskilling existing real estate sales agents as Buyer’s Agents, investors will benefit from working with experienced professionals who have a thorough understanding of their Property Strategy and can help them build property portfolios.

Elevating the role of Buyer’s Agents in the real estate industry is another crucial objective of this training program.

Buyer’s Agents are somewhat overlooked in the real estate industry because of their relatively small number, with much of the attention being focused on sales agents. However, as the importance of investor clients grows, it is essential to have a pool of qualified Buyers Agents who can represent their interests effectively.

Through the ‘Buyer’s Agent Course’, agents will gain the knowledge, skills and support needed to serve clients effectively, ultimately elevating the role of Buyer’s Agents in the real estate industry.

What’s my MISSION?

I’m dedicated to raising the bar in the Buyer’s Agent sector.

Through focused, specific training in the property investor space, Buyer’s Agents skills will be elevated.

This will collectively reshape industry standards, bring a positive change and foster a culture of excellence and innovation in Real Estate practice.